Daniel Chadwick, b. 1965, England

The organic shapes of Chadwick's sculptures reflect our increasing awareness of the environment, both in design and in concept. They are often reminiscent of nature, sea urchins or pond skaters, or the way oil and water repel each other into droplets, communicating a childhood wonder at how things work. The artist's technical precision and perfectionism results in a consistent purity and unblemished finish that is innately satisfying, both to sight and to touch while the interplay of light on the works adds an extra dimension. This, together with the graceful movement inherent in many of his artworks provokes an awestruck, inquisitive and playful response from the viewer.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Gallery 11, London, 2010
  • Beaux Arts, London, 2005
  • Lefevre Gallery, London, 2001
  • Lefevre Gallery, London, 1999

Group Exhibitions 1992 - 2009

  • Pangolin, London
  • Rove Gallery, London
  • Oliver Jelf, Stroud
  • Elaine Baker Gallery, Miami
  • Eli Klein Gallery, New York
  • Fine Art Society, London
  • Kinetica Museum, London
  • JGM Galerie, Paris
  • Bloomberg Space, London
  • Beaux Arts, London
  • Houldsworth Fine Art, London
  • Blue Space Gallery, London
  • Lefevre Gallery, London
  • Quo Vadis, London
  • Browse and Darby Gallery, London
  • Jason Rhodes Gallery, London
  • Royal Society of British Sculptors, London
  • Tutteshalle, Luxembourg
  • BSG Fine Art, London
  • Gillian Jason Gallery, London

Commissions 1992 - 2010

  • Land Securities Collection
  • Maxon motor AG
  • Canary Wharf collection
  • Greycoat plc (Sidell Gibson Architects)
  • Hermes
  • Pfizer UK
  • Enron, London
  • Crest, London
  • Freud Communications, London
  • Tetra Pak UK
  • City of London Architects
  • Sheppard Robson Architects, London
  • Biot, Japan
  • Heineken, Amsterdam
  • Boots Group, Nottingham
  • Earl Estates, London
  • Tetra Pak, London
  • Prudential Corporation, London
  • Maeda, Japan